The Spanish, "Lobo de Mar" translates as Sea Wolf.

The bull at the top here is the current dominant male, a title that is only held for as long as he can fight off a continuous supply of rivals. He hasn't the time to hunt for food, so it will be a short, rather desperate reign, full of fighting and roaring. His lack of a sense of humour is well known, so tourists are advised not to get between him and his hareem.
Characteristics of the tougher bits of humanity, presumably for the same reasons.

No jokes please
Sea Lion
The pups are endearing, though their lives are also fairly tough. Somewhat easier without the fur traders but still naturally risky.
For the adolescents there can be a period of play, developing the agility they need for fishing and fighting and we were lucky to see a group of four splashing around in a rock pool, without a care in the world.

If they survive then there's a fair bit of lying around on the beach in groups, not necessarily closely related, flapping at flies and generally wriggling around for the best spot. Dozing in the sun is a treat for most animals, and these ones were taking full advantage of a nap, singly and in heaps, most of them seemed to head off, periodically, to the sea where they aren't bothered by the flies, and, I guess, to cool off.