Lobo de Mar
All things concidered there couldn't be a better ship for our purposes, if she'd been bigger, newer or faster we would have had to pay more and would have had too many on board to know everybody. Solid and reliable she was well appointed, behaved well in the occasional choppy sea, and quick enough to get us around.
Most of the trips between islands were done at night which meant the minimum of hanging about on board when we wanted to be ashore. There was some rolling about while sleeping, but not too much (in my opinion).
There was an open sun deck on top, and a shaded one between. The top one was too hot most of the time so we used it for drying clothes whie we sat around drinking on the middle before being called for meals and snacks in the dining area next to the galley where Luiz performed regular miracles. An excellent arrangement allowing easy access to the bar at the front end of an evening