Been there, seen it. Most people seemed to speak Spanish, which came as a surprise to me. Pleasant enough, reminded me of Norfolk, a bit flat and slightly dull.
There were some nice boats, all white, parked in a big harbour. Strangely every berth was full, so either the harbour Master is very tidy minded, or the boats don't go anywhere.  Bay View, a large shopping centre or Mall is to be found near the water and does a nice Ice-Cream, but when I asked for a book shop so that I could read on the plane, I just got a puzzled, if helpful, look. There was a comic shop. Eventually we found some books in the Airport, this was fortunate because we had just been told, 15 feet away, that we'd have to go to the other side of the airport for anything that exotic. Presumably most Miamians read, but not the ones I met.
A Banyan tree, strangely growing inside the mall, it seemed to be OK, but probably would have been happier outside.
Stretched Truck, purpose unknown.
Miami. USA