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Addendum 05/04/2020
The UK lockdown was put in place on the 23rd of March by Boris, who was tested positive on the 26th. Bearing in mind the rapid but predictable spread I can’t help feeling that the UK (governmental) response was a bit slow, although it looks as though it was following the US lead. Hindsight is always 20-20, but I’ve noticed a tendency in the US administration to apply retroactive news. I hope we won’t be as blatant as Trump, but I guess the percentage of deaths will let the truth out. 

Apparently military action in Syria being considered by the Pentagon. Curiously,  the military strategist who made the  suggestion is anonymised. With Blair we know who made the fatal decision. Possibly triggered by that story, the UN secretary general has suggested a ceasefire for the duration of the virus.
I think this is a reasonably good idea. Apart from a ceasefire being a generally smart move, with a bit of luck by the end most will have forgotten what they were fighting about. 
In recent times most fighting is done at much more than 2 metres 'social distancing', so in the hope of making it less attractive I propose that anyone wanting to ‘re-engage‘ which sounds nicer than start killing again, should celebrate the passing of the virus by only ‘engaging’ with an enemy inside the 2 metre distance, which will make it much more dangerous for the aggressor, reduce accidental deaths, reduce the cost and allow for less lethal weaponry. Wedding parties and funeral guests will have a better chance of being identified or at least running away. So the longer distance fighting could be reduced by preventing the manufacture of anything other than short swords and knives. Obviously we'd have to remove all stones larger than gravel, anyone with the smallest concept of ballistics would know that Goliath didn't have a chance against David. 

On the matter of virus containment. Animals may be superficially contaminated if anyone else pets them so you may want to wash your cat down with alcohol (good luck with that) if it goes out, or you may want to keep it in. A policy that hasn’t worked yet in human history, but who knows? They, our two cats, displayed considerable interest when they heard starlings arguing in the living room. I had taken off the soot hatch of the wood-burning stove chimney, being fairly sure one had fallen down the chimney although it is almost bird proof. I am glad to say the birds were quite safe outside the chimney, but less pleased to see they had shifted a piece of plastic roofing edge near the chimney, had taken up residence in the loft and were arguing near (rather than in) the flue. Since then I have climbed the roof and put the plastic back in place. Not my favourite activity. The starlings were safely out before closure

Wile I was up there I was pleased to see that the stainless steel chimney cowl was all sooty and dull.  So the wee daft bird that was defending its territory from its reflection has given up pecking it all day. My reluctant  acrobatic exercise was required just after I had built a new frame for the bird feeders. The crows had been getting into the previous structure and devouring everything in short order. It has been given the seal of approval by many small birds but very few large ones. Presumably the starlings in the roof had decided to move closer to the restaurant.

    While I was perched on the roof I was pleased to see that the stainless steel chimney cowl was all sooty and dull. So the wee daft bird that spent last year defending its territory from its reflection has given up pecking it all day